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67e Festival de Cannes – Short Film Corner 2014. A VeranoFilms Production. Written & directed by: Juan Manuel Echalecu. Producers: Juan Manuel Echalecu & Franco Lovisolo. Production Manager: Mailen Ramirez. Dop: Rodrigo Isla Treleani. Production Designer: Flores Tucci. Cast: Martina …

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Director: Juan Manuel Echalecu Año: 2014

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The wait

Director: Juan Manuel Echalecu Año: 2014

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Reel Nacho

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Director: Fran Lovisolo Año: 2012  

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Director: Juan Manuel Echalecu Idea creativa: Verano FIlms Año: 2012

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VERANO films

Verano Films is a young boutique production company founded in 2010 by the Echalecu brothers. We work to offer advice, production and postproduction creativity of audiovisual contents: commercials, viral videos. Traditional, social media, mobile. Music videos.

We strive for excellence in every job we do. This is reflected in the awards received for the creation of commercials for brands like Chevrolet, Axe, Vodafone, Vitamin Water, Rexona, among others.

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